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1. My child is only 1 year old; do I need to fill out a wait list form this early?
Yes! Wesleyan is an NAEYC accredited program that has been serving Boise for over 45 years and our wait list can fill quickly.

2. I am a church member; do I still need to be placed on the wait list?
Yes. Church members have preference for enrollment, but we need to know you are interested before the enrollment season starts in January.

3. Does Wesleyan require that my child be immunized?
Yes, we require that all children be fully immunized according to Idaho State Standards prior to school entry. If you have specific questions regarding your child, please contact the Director @ 208-343-3778.For information about immunizations visit Idaho Health & Welfare.

4. When will we receive enrollment? 
Enrollment is emailed in wait list order, beginning in January, prior to the fall school year.

5. How many enrollment spots will you have in the Parent & Tot, 2/3s, 3/4s and 4/5s classes for the next school year? 
We will have 12 Parent and Tot spots, 24 2/3s spots, 42-48 3/4s spots, and 42-48 4/5s spots.

6. How does the wait list work and do siblings or church members have preference?
Slots are filled according to your wait list number. The wait list is first come first served with currently enrolled children given first priority, then concurrently enrolled siblings, returning families and current Cathedral of the Rockies members given preference.

7. Do I need to fill out wait list forms for my other children or are they automatically enrolled?
You must fill out a form for each individual child. Only concurrently enrolled siblings – those attending preschool or Pre-K in the same year- have preference. All other siblings are subject to the same wait list procedures as other prospective students.

8. If my child is in the Parent and Tot program does she have preference?
Yes, enrollment in the Parent and Tot does guarantee a slot in the preschool program. Declining a Parent and Tot slot may affect your preschool wait list status.(Policy Change 01/01/16)

9. I would like a tour of the program, may I just stop by?
Please do come for a tour! However, we do require that you schedule an appointment to ensure that the Director is available and so that we don’t have too many adults walking through the classroom at the same time. Too many large people can be very intimidating for the children. Please call the office 343-3778 to set up a tour.

10. My child is 65 on the wait list do I have a chance?
Wait lists are intimidating, but should not be feared! Parents generally put their children on the wait list soon after birth. By the time the enrollment period arrives for that child’s birth year some families may have since moved or chosen other programs based on their current needs.

11. My child is on the 4/5s wait list, what are the chances of getting in?
Re-enrollment for current students is guaranteed and occurs in Janaury. After that time we will know how many, if any, spots we have open. We will contact you based on your wait list number. Spaces may become available over the summer so there is always a chance. Don’t hesitate to call the Director for more specific information.

12. When will I know if my child will get in?
In house enrollment is emailed to currently enrolled families the beginning of January. Parents are given 2 weeks to make a decision and return a signed enrollment contract with a non-refundable deposit and registration fee.  After that time we will email enrollment opportunities based on available slots. The entire process should take about 4-6 weeks. Feel free to call for an update.

13. What happens if my child does not get in?
Your child will remain on our wait list until they are too old to attend Wesleyan Preschool Programs or you ask to be removed. We often have slots become available over the summer and sometimes during the first week of school. At that time we return to the wait list and pick up where we left off.

14. My child is on the younger side and I think we might want to wait another year before starting. Is that possible?
Absolutely! If you feel your child may need another year to mature we can move them to the following year’s wait list. Please give Margaret Elkins at call 208-343-3778 and we can discuss it.

15. Do you offer extended care?
We offer an adjunct program called Brown Bag that meets after school from 12:00-1:30 M-TH after your child’s preschool day. This adjunct program is available for children enrolled in the 3/4s, 4/5s AM classes and Transitional Kindergarten. If you are in need of full time care please contact our sister program Kids Are Special People.

16. Can you recommend any other programs?
Please visit the NAEYC for information about other accredited programs.

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